When the day-to-day challenges of health management become too much to handle, we can all use some help.

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Help is here. Meet Frontive!

Frontive's Smart Personal Health Assistant combines the convenience of Amazon Echo's voice interface with the brains of our medical artificial intelligence (AI) to make it easier for patients and families to manage the day-to-day tasks associated with complex care situations.


Our Solution Knows You

Unlike so many generic health bots and adherence tools, Frontive automates information capture as well as the day-to-day, but often overwhelming tasks associated with care. Responses and actions are tailored specifically to you, not someone who may be 'sort of like' you.

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Our Mission

To make the daily challenge of health management less complicated & overwhelming for patients & families.

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Yes, I want Frontive!

Frontive is fully compatible with most EMR/EHR systems. Contact us to speak to a representatives about a demo or to subscribe to our service.