Frequently Asked Questions

Who pays for Frontive?

Frontive is a subscription service for patients and families. This means that patients and families are our primary customers and are typically billed directly for the subscription fees. However, other organizations — insurance providers, hospitals, physicians and others — may elect to subsidize some or all of the patients’ fees.

How does Frontive get my health information?

During Frontive's consent and on-boarding process, we obtain your permission to access personal health information sources on your behalf. From there, we're able to access information from your physicians, hospital and others and compile the information into a more complete, voice-enabled health record.

Is my health information safe?

We take the protection of your health information very seriously. We comply with (and in many cases, exceed) the standards spelled out in the Health Insurance Portability & Accountability Act (HIPAA).

Does Frontive re-sell my health information?

No. The information that we utilize in order to deliver Frontive is still your information. That's one of the primary benefits of being our primary customer.

What happens to my health information if I cancel Frontive?

Should you decide to leave Frontive, your health information is purged from our servers after a short waiting period (just in case you change your mind and decide to come back).